The Real Estate 360 Team

Jason O. Myles, Investor, Trainer & Coach

As the creator of Real Estate 360 Pro, Jason strives to provide his students top notch training so they can create stable returns and long-term capital appreciation by investing in real estate.

Jason has managed and acquired over $40 million in real estate across the country. He is the author of "When There's Blood In The Streets" and host of the Real Estate 360 Podcast.

He speaks around the country on the subjects of real estate and business development. He has spoken at venues such as The Harvard Club, The Penn Club and Arizona State University and so many more.

Jason (Jay K) Kennedy,  Investor/Trainer/Mentor 

After going the “Traditional” Route, Jay K decided to take his financial destiny into his own hands. Actually, the decision was made for him. After spending 8 years, and
$100,000 in college to receive a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Jay got laid off in the first year of his “career” job. That was one of the greatest lessons, because it taught Jay K that you CANNOT leave your financial future in other people’s hands! You must take control. Jay K got into Real Estate Investing, and never looked back.
In the last 18 years, Jay K has done wholesaling, fix and flips, rental properties, seller finance deals, multiunit investing, and commercial investing….all with little to no money out of his pocket! In addition, Jay K has done deals in several markets, including Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cape Coral, and Atlanta.
In addition, Jay K has been a Trainer and Mentor for aspiring Real Estate Investors all over the USA as well as the U.K., Israel, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Canada.

Steve Connelly #unemployable

Always a bit driven, Steve became an Entrepreneur at the age of 12 opening his 1 st business, a lawn mowing operation. At 16 he was a part owner in a coin operated
laundry in Columbus, GA.
At 16 he got his 1 st “real” job with Shoney’s as a dish washer and worked his way to short order cook.
After graduation he went to work as a manager trainee for a National Retail Furniture chain. Within 5 years was a Regional VP.
After the National chain went out of business, he became a partner in Scandinavian Interiors in Atlanta, a startup that imported furniture from Scandinavian countries and Southeast Asia.
Left there to open his own stores in Clearwater Florida.
Then in 1987 decided to enter the real estate investing arena, full time.