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Join our Affiliate Program and start making money today as one of our affiliate partners. If you have a real estate related website or blog that has content specifically related to investing in real estate then joining our affiliate program is a great way for you to earn extra money without doing any work. If you already have a real estate related website and your website gets at least 1,000 unique daily visitors , then let our affiliate banners do the selling for you while you earn the affiliate commissions. Please note that you need to be approved by our company to be an affiliate and you are NOT automatically approved by signing up. We need to confirm that you are indeed an established real estate website or blog with substantial traffic before we approve you as an affiliate.

If you are an affiliate that has been approved by our company, you can login to your affiliate account and download banners that you can place on your website. We have banners for all of our different programs including the Introduction To Raising Private Capital, The Success System and The Partnership Program. We take care of our affiliate partners and we want to help you promote our products so that you can make more money as an affiliate. We will pay you 30% of all sales that you drive from those banners (only if you are an approved affiliate). Our cookies work for 180 days meaning if they sign up anytime within 6 months of visiting that banner you get paid.

If you have a large email list that is double opted in (not purchased) which is real estate specific and you have more than 20,000 people in your email list and you want to promote our webinars via email, or co host a webinar with us, we can set up a joint venture webinar with you. We provide you with all of the email templates and the email copy, and you can send out emails to your database with your affiliate link promoting our programs. You will earn 30% of all up front sales from any Online Courses, Trainings or Partnership Program Product generated from any email or webinar. Please note that we DO NOT pay affiliates for coaching sign ups for any of our 1 on 1 coaching programs. We also DO NOT pay affiliates for the recurring monthly fees for our Partnership Program). Our affiliates are making thousands of dollars every month promoting our real estate investing programs and you could be too!  Our real estate products are rock solid and we have one of the lowest return rates in the real estate industry. Promoting us is a win/win situation for both of us.

Our online affiliate tracker helps you keeps track of your affiliate sales and commissions and we make sure that you are paid quickly. All affiliate checks are paid 30 days after the sale and we can mail you a check, pay you via PayPal or even send you an ACH. Please note that we WILL NOT pay you an affiliate fee if you are signing up for the sole purpose of creating a registration link for yourself or one of your friends, family or associates. We have a relationship with our larger affiliates and we know who they are. If you have a real estate list or website then we want to develop a relationship with you. If you are trying to figure out how to sign up for one of our programs and get 30% back then THAT WILL NOT WORK.

Our affiliate program provides you with all of the banners, email copy and affiliate support that you need in order to be a successful affiliate.

If you are the owner of an existing Real Estate Investment Club, real estate website or blog (with at least 1,000 unique visitors per day) or you have a large real estate email list (over 20,000 double opt in names) and you would like to be an affiliate then please sign up by clicking on the “Join Our Affiliate Program” button below. Please note that we NEED TO APPROVE YOU prior to you promoting us. That approval needs to be in writing. We need to make sure that you are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you. We only accept affiliates that have a real estate website and or an existing real estate email list as affiliate partners. Please note that you cannot sign up yourself or any related family member as an affiliate for the purpose of receiving a discount for any of our events or programs. Signing up as an affiliate and then using the link for yourself, your friend, or family member is absolutely prohibited and you will not be paid.  The purpose of the affiliate program is for real estate promoters and companies that already have established real estate related websites and email lists to earn additional revenue by becoming affiliates. If you want to become an affiliate, please reach out to our affiliate manager to see if you are a good fit.

If you have any questions about our affiliate program or if you would like to co brand a webinar or podcast please call our offices at 678-902-IPAY or email RE360PRO@GMAIL.com to discuss joint venture and partnership or affiliate opportunities.

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Please read the above carefully for rules and regulations about our affiliate program.

Reminder we need to approve all affiliates before you can start promoting us. Once you have completed the affiliate application please send an email to RE360PRO@GMAIL.com. If you have any questions about our affiliate program please email them to the same email address.

To join our affiliate program please click here and fill out the form.


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